A Cow's backside?

Now some lefty scientists have been given government funding to research ways of reducing the amount of Greenhouse Gasses coming out of a Cows ars.e. Has the world truly gone mad?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame the scientists. They have found another interesting way to milk the government for money under the banner of Global Warming. But, who is stupid enough to sign the cheque?

Why screw with the cows' digestive functions? How about retrieving the methane as an alternative fuel? Isn't this more or less what we're doing with ethanol production?
So, your question is; who is stupid enough to sign the cheque? Well, for starters everyone in the 700 Club, they are definitely stupid enough. The promisekeepers, stupid enough. Ann Coulter, she is definitely stupid enough, but may be too stupid. Rush Limbaugh? Yes, but he's too drugged out to hold a pen. G. W. Bush of course he is stupid enough, but again he is probably too stupid to get the pen to work in the first place.
I had the same reaction you did when first heard this in California about 15 years ago, until I heard the numbers they were a substantial contribution to smog in the LA basin, go figure.
cows have alot of bacteria in their digestive track to break down plants. the bacteria create methane (a greenhouse gas) as a byproduct.
You must be a city feller. Cows emit a hellova lot more gas in one day than my truck emits in a month. Multiply that by hunndreds of thousands of cows( 200 of mine) , and you got one mean methane gas factory. I am surprised we don't have a gaping hole over my ranch
Ok "Chicken", easy there. Maybe we need to up your dose again. Just the facts ok? Are you saying those people signed checks for cow-fart research?
I actually don't think they have. I think you (or whoever gave you the information) just saw some piece of scientific literature you couldn't hope to understand and thought they had.

Edit: I wasn't talking about what they were researching. I know that methane emissions from livestock affect climate change. I was talking about the statement that they had "found another interesting way to milk the government for money". The research they're doing is valuable and potentially important. Regardless of how silly the concept may seem.
How many methane credits do you get for killing and eating a cow?
it appears more like the reporter did not understand all of the goals of the research.
Afterall, one hypothesis is, if you boost the bacteria that does not create as much methane, and reduce the ones that do, the cow has better metabolic activity, that translates to higher yeilds of food obtained from cows, whether it is milk or beef, and less waste.
this garlic research has been occuring for some time now, the methane measuring, is probably just a side project, that would be much cheaper to do it along with the other research, rather than having to set up a whole new project.
Aw c'mon you lot. Lets be kind to the cows. Do you enjoy flatulence (well I guess some seem to have fun farting) but seriously, excess gas production is uncomfortable for the cow and these new additives increase the carbon transfer to biomass instead of gas which means higher meat yields, less gas emissions and more content cows with less gas.
Hmm.. Best way to reduce the amount of Greenhouse Gases coming out of a cow's ars.e? Have less farmed cows. Eat less meat, so the demand for cows are lower. Eat no meat, and that will significantly drop. It's been shown that for every vegetarian, 95 animals are saved from slaughter, so that's 95 less animals to contribute to global warming.. Since there are millions of vegetarians in the world, there are millions less animals for the slaughter, which = less animals emitting those noxious gases.
I live 30 miles from an airport but the sound of f art'n cattle is drowned out by the roar of aircraft, as for which is more harm full, well, under this government there'll be more aircraft than cows one day ,

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