~* the beach*~?

when you go to the beach what do you bring?

swim wear, towel, hoodie if evening, frisbie/volleyball/football, my guitar (nothing better than playing music on the beach)
shorts/jeans, shirt, probably some stuff to play in the sand like a shovel.
Have fun on your trip!!
Depends who's going with you...here's a checklist. Cross out the ones you dont need...
- Swimwear
- Bath towel
- Suntan lotion/sunscreen
- toiletries
- Extra clothes for later
- Sunglasses/shades
- Sandals
- Stylish cap
- Portable radio with a good collection of songs
- Guitar
- Beach ball, volleyball, frisbee, roller blades(if there's a place to skate by the beach, away from the sand of course), bicycle...its really nice cycling through the winds.
- Picnic basket
- Mats or rugs for you to sit comfortably.
- Magazines, comics, any of your favourite book/ handheld game.
- Sandcastle set (if there are kids coming along, or maybe for you, if you'd like to build one)
- Bucket or a good container to use, incase you'd like to catch crabs or seashells.
- More, n more n more.LOL.

The list goes on and on.just make sure you carry a checklist with you so that you don't lose anything. I do that all the time. Have fun in the sun... :-)

- Jessie-

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