=) the beach(=?

when going to the beach what all do you take??

I'm going this Sunday and I'm excited as hell! I usually take:
-swimsuit and towel (of course!)
-flip flops
-a camera
-water bottle/food
-a change of clothes, including a sweatshirt
-frisbee and all that.

True, I end up bring too much but I get so excited I don't care!
when we go to the beach,we spend the whole day so here is what we take...a picnic lunch, kayacks, a volleyball set,a cd player, beach chairs and blanket, my son and husband bring their guitars and my daughters take their flutes, a couple of magazines, we take 2 cars so the kids can bring friends,,,, and never forget the suntan lotion
towel book water chair picnic
a sheet ,towels, sunscreen, lotion, water, radio, book, Frisbee
bathing suit.towels.sunscreen.sunglass... clothes and any forms of entertainment (beach balls, radio, etc.)
Friends and a filled cooler and towels and maybe some food.

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