What is the threat of ozone depletion?

The question is “What is the threat of ozone depletion”
And not what’s its cause. So let put aside causes of the depletion and if such depletion exists or not and ask what ozone does for this planet. The answer is simple. The ozone layer in the stratosphere keeps 95-99% of the suns ultraviolet radiation from striking the earth. So less ozone = more solar radiation. Increase in UV-B radiation will harm the metabolism of cells and even damage their genetic material. Although living organisms have always been exposed to some UV-B, cellular repair mechanisms evolved to protect against its damaging effects. The problem with increased UV-B is that it causes more damage than the natural protection can cope with. Increased UV-B radiation leads to increased incidence of such problems as skin cancer, eye damage and cataracts, and possible degradation of immune system in humans and other animals. Plants also suffer under increased UV-B, increase in radiation could result in reduceduction of crops, damage to forest ecosystems, and decreased populations of phytoplankton in the world's oceans, which is the manufacturer of breathable oxygen O2.
But Is this really what is happening to us? That’s another question.
Some claim that the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica is growing due to the use of CFC's and other environmental polutants. This concerns scientists who believe that the ozone reflects the sun's harmful UV (ultra-violet) radiation; a hole allows this radiation to pass through to the earth's surface, where we fragile human beings reside.

This theory has fallen from favor in recent years and further observation of the ozone hole has shown it to increase and decrease in size from year to year.

Others claim that the ozone layer is increasing in thickness, leading to the greenhouse effect and global warming. Unfortunately, current research has not been conclusive in this area, either.
The ozone layer is caused from the solar winds colliding with the earth's magnetic field. The hole at the poles is a natural thing. The solar winds contain ionized particles which are attracted to the poles and when the angle gets right( the tilt of the earth) u have a particle gun blasting a hole in the ozone layer. This has nothing to do with the CFC's.

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