Anyone have any ideas about an environmentally friendly way of disposing garbage?

This does not include putting garbage into landfills, burning garbage or putting it into a water body.

Anyone have any serious suggestions to this growing problem?

First, create as little garbage as possible. Then compost whatever organic material you can. Anything you can eat and a few things you can't, like coffee grounds, can be composted.

Recycle anything else you can. There are companies now that make amazing numbers of things with recyclables, like roofing tiles, bricks, park benches, etc., and some companies that burn garbage to make electricity. You can encourage your city to consider their services. And if you get real energetic, you can actually make money selling things like cans and paper.

Instead of throwing something out when it's broken, see if it can be fixed instead. If you have something you don't want any more, try donating it to someone if it's still usable or even selling it at a garage sale.
Compost organics.
Recycle inorganics.
Reuse as much as possible.
Fix what is broken.
Buy less, with less packaging.
I have heard that in Japan, garbage is used in construction of high rise apartment buildings etc. because there is limited amount of land left where they can dispose of garbage.
We don't have trash pickup where we live, so we take our refuse to the landfill. The county provides recycle containers for newspapers, cardboard, glass, plastics and a compost heap and an area for hazardous waste. In addition, there is a separate section labeled "Too Good to Toss." That's were folks put stuff like coffee tables, chairs, bookcases, dressers, whatever that doesn't need to be sanitized first. No appliances, though. They go to yet another section of the dump. The rest goes into a dumpster.

Seems like a good solution to me.
Recycling, such as food, you can recycle food and eat it again and again.

For plastic or glasses, there are special pens for those kind of garbage.

Just move your a s s.
The best greenest, cheapest, most satisfying and most effective way is to

Limit your own consumption of everything.

Before you buy anything, think about how you will get rid of it and in turn how it will or will not return to the earth eventually.

So don't accept plastic bags, take your own hemp or cotton ones shopping. Think about how your food is packaged and buy unpacked foods. Buy local there is usually less packaging at farmer's markets, because it has travelled such a short distance, it should be fresher and cheaper.

Try not to buy chemical products for cleaning. Use simple kitchen cupboard cleaners like lemon juice, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar.

Biggest decision I made was not to put anything on my skin that I would not be prepared to eat. So my products all return to the soil without trace. If my choice is imperfect, say I can not find a non-chemical mascara or lipstick then I limit my consumption to only one.

I find it is easier, cleaner, far more fun, far more rewarding and cheaper by not buying stuff. So limit your consumption. It is just a small mind shift.
compost piles

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