Anyone got any good websites on global warming?

i need it for a poster/leaflet i am making

This one has many great pictures and charts you could use.

A lot of very clear graphs about the main facts, taken from peer reviewed scientific journal articles:

Some good scientific answers for people who are confused by what they've heard:

"Climate change: A guide for the perplexed"
Don't forget the Wiki!
^^^ yeah I was going to say wikipedia. They have tons of good graphics.
this is a pretty good website for the global warming hoax.

or this one..

or simply go to Yahoo and search "global warming Hoax"
Best sites for refuting the skeptics:

Best sites for solid science:

CO2 levels, past and present:

Worldwide temperature:
Starting with the truth would help! Here is an even better movie it has many of the scientists who have their names on the ipcc but actually dropped out and requested their names be removed due to the false information it shares as truth! Check it out and really pay attention it's 73 minutes long and loaded with the truth about the whole matter!

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