I have air conditioning ducts but I won't to be a green thumber and save money, is there any green thumb ways?

Lose the AC...I live in a hotter part of Canada...yes Canada does get very hot and when you live on the shores of the Lakes, which is almost impossible not to, it get very hot and sticky...when we grew up, as in most other places, we did not have AC and survived the summer in many ways we have forgotten today...the right clothes to start with, if any, we always wore light lose fitting cottons; outdoors...anyway, I won't go there, what I am saying to answer your question is if you cannot lose the AC then turn it up...run it a 74 maybe but at least 72...of course you can change the bulbs, cooler and more efficient; turn that computer off when not using..money and heat; buy locally...god the produce is so nice...and I have a VW to sell you..amazing old beast that still out mpg all the others...I remember doing my first road trip and stopping in Alabama...the guy checking my oil came to the window and asked me "where's the air?" and not having a clue what he was talking about, I went to see and he was amazed to see a car without AC.interesting, it is believed that a car on the highway runs more efficient on AC because of the aerodynamics but why not the windows open in the city?...but despite all that you may have seen on Live Earth, we still don't have a prayer until we attack the industries that are killing us...corporate greed is what is going to kill us and once we start to save the pennies and the demand drops, watch the prices rise to keep corporate greed in place...one of the believes is that the rise in fuel prices are orchestrated as the demand drops with energy efficiency...anyway, enough and I guess I went way off topic...good luck..
Use your AC as little as possible. If you think creatively, you may find you don't need it at all in most areas (although if the temperature where you live gets above 95F/32C every day and doesn't go below 90F/30C at night, you may need it for survival).

Just 50 years ago, most people everywhere lived without AC, and they did just fine. When the weather was hot, people used to dress appropriately, with short-sleeved cotton clothing. They grew deciduous trees outside their windows to shade their houses in summer and let the sun shine in in winter. They closed all their windows and doors and curtains during the daytime and opened them wide at night to let the cool night air in. In hot areas, they often had sleeping porches, screened porches with beds which were cool for sleeping, or they even slept in public parks. Imagine, whole neighborhoods camping out together in the parks--what fun it was for kids!

Talk to old-timers in your area for ideas about how to live without AC. Try to revive the skills they had before those skills are lost. AC is expensive as well as degrading to the environment. If you learn the skills of keeping cool, you can still be quite comfortable while saving money and the environment at the same time.

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