Name at least 3 reasons sustainable forestry counld not be possible?

I need these for my Environmental science class

Sustainable forestry is difficult but not impossible. It is practiced in parts of Europe. So we can't come up with reasons that it could not be possible!

1. It's easier to plant a monoculture of "trash pine."
2. Clear-cut logging too often leads to erosion of the soil, so it may be a long long time before a forest can be established at that location again
3. Most trees take a long time to grow, and, unfortunately, logging companies don't last long enough to be responsible for something that will take centuries to come to be harvestable.
I guess I disagree with the premise...sustainable forestry is possible. But, for the sake of argument....

The main reason is that consumption of the natural resource, in this case TREES, usually occurs faster than the regrowth of that natural resource.

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