Name as many kinds of precipitation as you can?

Precipitation that forms aloft is divided into three categories:

Liquid Precipitation; Freezing Precipitation and Frozen Precipitation.

Types of Liquid Precipitation:
Drizzle (DZ)
Rain (RA)
Types of Freezing Precipitation:
Freezing Drizzle (FZDZ)
Freezing Rain (FZRA)
Types of Frozen Precipitation:
Snow (SN)
Snow pellets (SHGS)
Snow Grains (SG)
Ice Pellets (PL)
Hail (SHGR)
Graupel (GS)
Ice Crystals (IC)
Rain, snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain are the ones I can think of. They are all water falling out of the sky, either unfrozen or frozen somewhere on their way to the ground.

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