Who can see the changes that global warming has done?

like the flooding in the UK
raining in summer time
floods around the world
less insects in this time of year.

i totally can!

im in dublin and we has a scorching morning on monday and then around lunch time it turned into a thunder and lightening storm!

it was the same yesterday!!
Surely they have miss typed the word freezing and typed warming in it's place.
everyone can
These things are not indicative of global warming or even climate change. Sorry, please try again.
i saw polar bears swimming in the sea at blackpool the other week
Doesnt mean its Man-Made though....
there was a great National Geographic issue about a month or two ago, about the dissapearence of the ice caps...
it was so upsetting!
I have successfully grown tomatoes outdoors in Scotland.
that's easy the countries like Bangladesh , India and some other countries are almost under water, ,, ,, , so now you can say everyone is seeing including the aliens outer space
No.but you can go right a head think the doom and gloom and build yourself your own biosphere to live in.
This is the hottest year on record for Florida. We are also experiencing a drought which has lowered lake Okeechobee to the lowest level it has ever been. There have also been an increased number of cases of a flesh-eating bacteria called Vibrio vulnificus, which thrives in warm salt water. It is normally a very very rare thing for people to get, but lately there have been an increased number of cases in Florida, and in other northern states as well. You can look it up! It gets into small wounds as small as a mosquito bite, and if it travels far enough, it can kill you! People have to get thier legs and arms amputated in order to survive, IF they are even able to catch it soon enough. I have noticed more insects especially gnats around my yard, and just by walking outside in the sun, you can tell the intensity is alot greater than I have ever experienced.
The winters are much milder in Cleveland Ohio-less snow and less cold.
I am always an optimist but the damage is done and the earth will not absorb any more abuse.
Unfortunately developing nations like China and India-each with 1 BILLION more people than the US-have minimal-if any- pollution regulation-this is why they are able to make items cheaper( along with pay)
This is where the paradox lies
Glad I don't have children!!
Well i think folks in Africa are really suffering from this.
The is intense heat in most parts of Africa during the dry season.
And at time in the oil producing areas in Nigeria they have acid rain. Its really bad down in Africa.
Those who have their eyes open can't fail but to see the effects, those who close their minds and eyes are blind to the effects. When you observe, the changes aren't hard to find.

I've been noticing the changes for many years, it is my job but that aside, I've noticed very obvious changes all around. I've been luck enough to travel to some of the places where the changes are glaringly obvious - when something is staring you in the face it's pretty hard to deny.

Ski resorts that I used to go to are now closed more than they're open, mountains that I used to climb are now devoid of ice for much of the year, I've been bitten by mosquitos and observed insect infestations in places they never before existed, I've seen the remains of communities lost to soil erosion, drought, famine and desertification and watched huge chunks break off ice packs at times when they should be freezing not thawing. It's saddening but I've met people forced to flee from rising sea levels, fishermen whose lakes have dried up and people who have lost family members to droughts, floods and famines that shouldn't have happened.
The things that you have listed are called "weather". Weather changes every day. Climate change is a change in the 50 year average of weather. Are you saying that none of the things you listed have happened anywhere on earth in the previous 50 years?
I can see that the quantity of tonadoes is increasing and "tornado alley", the area where statistically the most tornadoes occur, is changing shape and getting larger.

The most alarming thing I see is the satellite maps. The "shape" of storms is changing, how they are formed, where they are formed and how long they last, as well as their intensity.

Yesterday it was sunny in the morning then a single storm cell moved through and dumped more rain in 2 hours than 1/2 the normal amount of entire month of July in past years. That was a single storm cell, not a system, just one little cloud. When it had passed the sun came out and within a couple of hours the grass was dry and brittle again. No signs that it had ever rained. Then the second cell hit two hours later, etc.

We have "always had weather", yes, but we have never seen weather this intense.
I love how anything "drastic" or uncomfortable is automatically attributed to GW, as opposed to say natural cycles and weather that have been going on for millenia.

Feel that warm summer morning? Yep, that darn global warming!

Rain in the summer? Never happened in the history of the planet, must be global warming!

Floods? This was never an issue before we knew about global warming!

I think I counted two or three hundred thousand less bugs this year, global warming must be killing them off! Oh wait, they all moved somewhere else, maybe they were too hot?

Man, you can really feel global warming when you go outside on a July day and stand in the sun for a while- them scientists know their stuff!

Oh, and how about that hurricane season last year that was predicted to be the "WORST EVER" due to global warming. Oh, the devastation, the humanity, the. wait. we never even got one. Better luck this year!

You people are so full of it. Even worst-case scenario GW chicken littles agree the mean temperature of the earth has only gone up about 1.0 degree in the last 100 YEARS. You going to tell me you can feel a 1/100th degree shift every year? I call BS.
I will not participate in that scam ,which will hurt the poor. Gore is making million and where is it coming from. Mostly the poor and ignorant.
I was watching this think on TV where it said that most of the places where they take the temperature at are next to places where they burn things and other ridicules places that make the temperature warmer and un-accurate! in the Bible it says in Genesis, I believe, that until the end of the world, nothing will change as far as "Global warming " goes.
Thats not global warming, its global cooling.
Where is our summer
I agree. Global warming is happening right now all around us.

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