How can we work together to save the earth from air pollution>?

There are many ways to save the earth from air pollution,but there is a small problem..."we" can't ever work together.You see some people are just so ignorant,some don't believe the theory of global warming,some do.How can "we" work towards a common goal if we have different views?
Drive more effeciently, and use less resources
We could all stop breathing. Breathing produces CO2 = greenhouse gas.
By listening to and following the instructions of those that are more experienced than we are about this sort of thing.
What pollution?
Vote Democrat.

We need to get leadership that takes the environment seriously. The republicans and their mouthpieces like Rush Limbaugh have been lying and saying that humans are too small and puny to affect the atmosphere in any significant way.

Individually, we can drive smaller cars, while scientists work to develop environmentally friendly fuels. We can plant trees to absorb CO2. And we can try to reduce our consumption in general. Everything you buy takes energy to make and transport to the store. Simply stop buying stuff you don't need that would help the environment a lot.

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