Why has it taken the White House so long to...?

accept global warming as the fault of mankind, the earth's resoucres are scarce yet are greed is endless and our wants are infinite. Its about time we all opened are eyes to the suffering of others because of our years of self-centred, irrational behaviour.
There is only so much smaller countries can do to combat the high emissions of carbon dioxide into our atmospher, without the backing up by much larger countires with a vast growing economy for exmaple India and America.

Because the oil industry holds a strong influence. They make money from selling oil and oil products, and a government wanting to cut back on dependence on oil and oil products isn't good for their business.
the number one polluter in the world is china not America and there population is 4 times that of our,s we are the only country trying at least a little to help the environment the rest of the world dont care its all about the money idiot
With Government, which you can lump together with Law, there must be undeniable proof or evidence that it is either man made, or a natural process.
Eyes have opened too late.
Because, Global warming is propaganda promoted by the communist nations in order to put a choke hold on western industry.
Actually for your information 'Are we using our brains today'

America IS the biggest polluter, China is catching up.
America ISN'T doing anything
And unlike what you said, the rest of the world IS trying, America and Austrailia are the countries that REFUSED to sign the 'Kyoto' agreement.

So please get your facts right.

As you can see from this graph http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/image:carbo... Western Europe is the only region cutting emisions, the rest of the world is just using old European technology which we no longer use, that pollutes more. Japan and W Europe are trying to cut emmisions of CO2 but the rest of the world are too lazy and would rather make money out of it. China for example are making a new coal fired power plant every week, while the UK is investing in new technology like solar and wind farms.
You haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about. You have just eaten up what politically-motivated people have chosen to feed you.
Al Gore wasn't so interested when he was VP. In fact, the Senate voted 95-0 to reject Kyoto. 22 of those Senators are still senators and include John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer etc. People who now claim that we need to except it. They do it only for political advantage.

Politics is trumping science in this debate. The science behind the global warming panic is ridiculously thin and armchair at best. Scientists who hold this up to any scrutiny are ridiculed and their grants are denied.
This is like the Inquisition - those who deny the world of God (or Gore) are witches and must be burned. The Bible wasn't up for discussion and neither is climate.
2 zillion scientists from 4000 countries isn't any more meaningful then 2 zillion priests from 4000 countries. Consensus science is not science.
Every other organisms on this earth work cooperatively.but humans compete. We are a virus! It's taken so long for the White house because they can no longer deny it. They denied it as long as possible because it allowed them to start wars, and make lots of money!
Man made or not, global warming is happening and yet we argue about it, and we do very little about it. What is done are little gestures to appease the masses! Enough to please some but not too much as to not loose profit!

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