How can we explain that the amount of fossil fuel is much greater than all the decomposed organic matter?

Whenever scientists estimate the amount of organic matter available during the history of the earth, it falls far short of the amount required to create the supply of fossil fuel we know exists. Is it possible fossil fuel isn't really coming completely from decomposed dinosaurs and plants? And if so, is it possible it is really a renewable(ing) energy source?

Given the other palaentological and isotopic evidence supporting the theory that fossil fuels come from decayed organic matter, then that would suggest that the scientists who estimate a shortage of such material are wrong in their estimate. Either point is possible. As for your points..

1) There is no rule for the depth of strata and corresponding geological age. rocks are folded, thrust over one and other and otherwise deformed allowing the same age rock to occur at 30,000 feet, 18,000 feet, or at surface.

2) Oil occurs in wells within the spaces between grains within a porous rock, generally above the level of water. Even the most efficient pumping technology we have cannot retrieve all of the oil. When we stop pumping, water refills the aquifer and increases the pressure , pushing more trapped oil to the surface of the structure. That is why wells can recharge over time.

3) This suggests that the models are wrong, in the same way that basic physics models demonstrate that bumblebees should be unable to fly. Bees do fly, therefore the explanatory model is incorrect. I would suggest that the oil well models are the same.

4) Methane is not oil, but it is a viable energy source.

Over time, more oil will be created, but not in our lifetimes, or our children's lifetime. From a physics perspective, converting kinetic or chemical energy into heat energy suggests that there is no such thing as a truly renewable energy source.
I don't think that can be. I've never heard that the amount of organic matter is exceeded by the amount of fossil fuesl.

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