Newsflash, politicians and oil companies are causing global warming?

why should we continue burning fossil fuels; creating health problems, smog, acid rain, higher ph levels in the ocean etc. When there is new technology availible that is emission free, but is being withheld by the gas companys. just look at GM's electric car back in 96. They were great, but they were all recalled and crushed because of the oil companys. The oil companys even bought out the new battery technology that was developed. If the government really wanted they would make fuel cell cars a reality in 10 years. I mean we can land on the moon, split atoms, but cant created a smog free car?

I drive a Honda Insight. What do you drive?
I also voted for Bush twice. Don't blame any hot air on me. Look at the lefties with the black smoke coming out of their tailpipes. Greenies are always too cheap to keep their engines running clean or upgrade to a decent, fuel efficient car. My other vehicle is an ultra-low emissions vehicle, too.

The fuels we use now are cleaner than the ones before them. Whales were almost exterminated for lamp oil. You must invest in new technology for it to flourish.
Gee, where do we start?

How about acid rain. Oops, that one turned about to be wrong, but the politicians made a lot of money for themselves and the companies that made the scrubbers.

Electric cars run on electricity. It has to be generated somewhere, and that somewhere could easily be a coal-fired or oil-fired plant.

As far as technology, nuclear energy produces zero carbon emissions, but unlike Iran and France, the United States is not allowed to use it, just like we're not allowed to drill our own oil. And that is not the fault of the "evil corporations," is it?

You say the government should push for new stuff? I'd say government is the best way to 1) derail, 2) divert, 3) demolish, and 4) destroy any progress for any project it attempts.

The US government has worked with private enterprise and successfully developed an OK Interstate freeway system, has landed a man on the moon, and developed nuclear weapons. Other than those three items, government should stay out of the way. It's generally just a mechanism for people to raid the public treasury, anyhow.
I gave up on a politically driven solution, it AIN'T gonna happen.
My answer? I moved out of the city, into a remote rural area and now ride a 100 mpg motorbike to town and back once a week for groceries. The only electric appliances I have are a TV, computer, fridg and freezer. Hot water is supplied by a highly efficient woodwaste burning water heater. My water is pumped by a wind system from the creek to a gravity feed reservoir uphill from the (old all metal mobile home). I grow most of my own food, and bake my own bread in a wood burning oven. Bottom line? My electricity usage has been reduced 75%, my fossil fuel usage at least 80%. Now ask yourself, if everyone in the country did this what would REALLY happen to our economy? (does it really matter?)
Global warming is at the fore front because politicians found how to use a new platform to get re-elected. The world leaders use it because they found ways to make money at it. This is a made up problem just like Global Cooling in the 1970's. Wake up people. I agree we need to be more efficient with our resources, and we should fine and jail companies who are dumping into our rivers maliciously. I want to stop the raiforest destruction, but to say that global warming is a serious man made issue and we need to destroy the American economy and bow down to the rest of the world certainly does not float my boat. Follow the money on this one and you will see that it is all for political gain and grant money for those scientists who profit off of the government if global warming stays at the front of the issues. Look deep into the Keoto (sp?) Treaty, first of all they took jets to a non-central resort location. Not very environmentally concious. THen in the parameters of the treaty they have a clause that makes it so you can buy or sell polution credits. This is all about shifting wealth and breaking down the United States. This is painfully obvious, just look at peoples agenda. The earth's mean temperature has risen .6 degrees C in the past 125 years. Greenland's icecaps have gotten colder in the past 10 years. The Scientists who do not gain anything on their posisition will tell you that the earth has a natural progression and this is what we are seeing. The UN report is made up of POLITICIANS not a good spread of scientists. THere are as many or more scientists who believe that man in NOT the reason and it is over hyped, but their voice is not heard in the LIberal Mainstream Media. This issue is 99% political, and an attempt to make the USA a socialist nation, and eventually communisim. WAKE UP AMERICA, IT IS TIME TO BE AMERICANS. FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE. STOP THE LIES

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