New combi boiler - gas or electric? Environmentally friendly?

I currently have a gas fired combi providing hot water and central heating for my first floor, 6 room Georgian tenament flat.

The current boiler is noisy and large.

We've been offered a new electric boiler.

My questions:

Will the electric boiler be quieter?
What is cheaper - gas or electricity?
What is the more environmentally friendly option?

The new generation condensing boilers are far more efficient than the older designs. The hot air that used to be be blown out by the fan is re-used for heat. It would be unusual that a modern boiler created noise problems but it maybe re-located subject to what outside walls you have. I would suggest you get a written decibel quotation from any potential source prior to purchase.
Electric is a lot more expensive than gas for heating.
i should think that the boiler you have now is only noisy because it needs a good service,

gas is cheaper than electric

i would think that electric would be more environmentally friendly because they are always looking of new environmentally friendly ways to produce electricity

thats just my thought - i could be wrong
Gas will soon be subject to cuts when you need it most and general price rises, cheap gas will run out soon. Electricity is currently more expensive but you will always have power, and it's quieter. The environmental question is loaded by what type of pollution you want, where, and for how long?
Looked into this last year. It would depend on how your electricity is generated as to whether it is a cleaner way to heat your house. If we could use more wind, wave or solar to generate electricity this would be a cleaner, simpler way. Solar water heating panels are the most effective at the moment but only heat water and then in the summer, you would need an additional method of heating water in the winter. Combi boilers are the most effecient in the fact that they only heat the water you need rather than tankful of water! Mains gas is also much cleaner than oil.

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