What is the wheather like before a Tsunami?

A tsunami is caused by an underwater earthquake, and has nothing to do with the weather, since an earthquake can happen at any time.
It will vary. A tsunami is caused by an earthquake, which can happen many miles away.
wheather is not really a factor in a tsnami in that these killer waves are caused by earth quakes ,techtonic shifts or even volcanic activity hundreds or even thousands of miles from where all the damage is done in short your wheather man probably cant predict a tsunami.
it depends how big its goin 2 b like if its lil the weather may stay the same or if its big the weather will prob. b colder!
i was there in acheh during food aid in 2004. (3 week after it happen)..
upon interview with the survivors their feedbacks are :-

1) low tide in at least 50m long from the normal beach tide.
2) all the bird, animals were reckless & going to higher ground.
dogs will be barking in fear & you wont find animals near the lower ground.
3) large numbers of fish & sea fish few days near the shores (a lot of fisherman told me this)
4) weather is very calm.

thats why ppl die in tsunami bcoz they dont expect anything to happen.

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