Anyone can save the earth?

can we still savage the earth

There's no need to save the earth. It's doing just fine. The global warming alarmists have the whole thing wrong. Even the IPCC admits that we can't stop global warming because it's a natural cycle. Maybe we can slow the rate of warming but that's uncertain.
heroes can
Its not our job to save the earth, The earth is gona die one way or another so dont worry about it nothing we can do.
I'll add it to my "To Do" list for later.

Well,if you are talking about global warming,then everybody can by planting more & more trees.If you are talking about stopping the Earth from destruction,nobody can.
The planet Earth came into existence many billions of years before our species, Homo Sapiens, made its appearance on it. It would therefore be presumptious of us to assume that we have the capability to decide its fate. However, as intelligent beings, we have the capability and the duty to ensure that the Planet is kept in as healthy and sane a condition as possible. Logic and "common sense" tell us that over-consumption of the Planet's non-renewable resources and at the same time over-pollution of its environment are issues which do not contribute to its good health. IT IS A QUESTION OF OUR OWN SURVIVAL RATHER THAN THAT OF THE PLANET, and therefore if we claim to be intelligent enough as to worry about how long we can be around this Planet, it behoves us to take the necessary measures.
look, no one here on earth is superman or anything, we are destroying the planet. we can't save it again
There's no need to fear - Algoreman is here!
Unfortunately, the earth doesn't need saving, it's human nature to abuse its environment, until its to late. The earth will be here for a long time, with or without our existence, which is based on a very small window of temperature, humidity and wind speed. Populations like the North American Indians, the native Australians, and the Bushman in the Kalahari, who protected there own living environment have always been destroyed by the boundless greed of European Expansionists, who still have a hard time to understand, that there are no more continents to rape and blunder.
Now, God has become angry that there is inequality among humans. He has decided to finish off human race by the year 2050. Now time has come to save the Earth. How? I have written a book which is available at the following link :
The final chance for survival of mankind…..
PLEASE FORGET SELFISHNESS. Selfishness has taken its toll.
The present system of selfish society has to be amended/corrected to delete the word ‘SELFISHNESS’.
WE cannot bluff GOD/NATURE anymore.
The non-thinkers say so.
Very many any'one's can!
You can do your part. Just switch a few light bulbs at home to CFL. You will save money too.
Yes, and here is one way.
The raising of cattle for beef consumption causes more global warming than all of the cars exhaust on this planet. It starts with thousands of sq. miles of tropical rainforest being cut down and burned to raise much of the cattle. Then the amount of methane gas(a global warming gas) that is expelled by cattle. 100 million tons of methane gas a year is expelled by cattle just in the U.S. alone. The amount of water to raise these cattle is beyond belief also. It takes about 20 acres of land a year to supply the protein a person needs by eating beef and over 2500 gallons of water. For a vegetarian it takes 1 acre of land to supply the protein they need for one year and about 40 gallons of water. Stop eating beef and you will be doing more to stop global warming than many other opitions.

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