What is the most deep place on earth?

The is two blues hole in Belize, It goes on for about 400ft and is considered to be a bottomless pit, since no one has been to the very bottom.
Mariana Trench
The lowest land area on Earth, not covered by water, is the shoreline of the Dead Sea, on the border of Israel and Jordan in the Middle East. (1,360 feet below sea level) And the lowest point on Earth is getting even lower. The Friends of the Earth - Middle East environmental organization says the Dead Sea's water level is dropping by about three feet (one meter) every year.

The lowest point on earth is in the Mariana Trench at 10,924 metres (35,840 feet) below sea level.
Isn't there an ocean cave that is 7 miles deep?
lets see, if f measured from above sea level I would say Lake Tahoe. If from sea level try the trenches off the East coast of the US.
Mariana Trench

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