What is your opinion about global warming?

I don't like it. :(
so far I'm really enjoying it
What's wrong with your face child?
itd happening. people in the world and especially western countries have to stop being selfish and start taking care of the envrionment. otherwise were gonna meet our demise.
The planet is going through some major energy shifts of late. This is normal and simply the result of the rapid increase in the consciousness of the planet. This is also causing the oceans to warm up slightly, which has a major affect on weather patterns, and the melting of polar ice caps.

But don't despair, it's part of the process and everything is as it should be. Indeed this is a very exciting time to be alive, some big things are coming down the pipe!
My heart goes out to the children of this planet. I'm sorry things aren't going to be the same...maybe.
Are you certain that there is indeed global warming? I realize that people have been tugging at the issue for years, but there is no substantial proof that this warming effect is not a cyclical phenomena. We have no proof about the last 50,000 years from the estimated period of the Ice Age. Counting tree rings is hardly an answer and the oldest know trees are less than 3,000 years...perhaps this situation occurs every ten thousand years. Fossils date much further back and we know that some cataclysmic event, a massive volcano or perhaps even a meteorite created so much dust that the earth was blanketed and brought about the sudden extinction of the dinosaurs. That took place about 65,000,000 years ago...just days ago, Norwegian paleontologists announced the discovery of a dinosaur 'graveyard' with the fossils of ichthyosaurs and pleisosaurs (perhaps cousins of the Loch Ness Monster) on an Island about 800 miles from the North Pole. Because both types of dinosaurs were marine (living in salt water), we then can assume they died in the water...but the 'graveyard' is now situated on a hillside some distance from the sea, but also that the water level was much higher at that time...Global Warming? Island can rise and sink because of volcanic activity but the island shows no geological suggestion that that was so. Perhaps too, this is a natural event in that as the temperature increases, so does evaporation and thusly more rain, so could it be that it is a cleansing system to remove pollutants from the atmosphere? There are many far-fetched theories and one is from Australia where scientists claim that cows are a major source of pollution. Herbivores produce methane gas as they digest grasses, fodder and such, and with the vast number of cows and other herbivores, our atmosphere is contaminated. It makes little sense as in America were vast herds of bison, and the plains of Africa still have millions of grazing animals...both past and present. The die-off of marine organisms is often linked to man-made problems...oil spills, dredging, sewage and such...i.e. the Thames River of England was so polluted years ago that no fish could exist...the environmental agency cleaned it up by stopping sewage, etc and now 10 species of fish have returned. We build dams and prevent floods and deprive vital nutrients to the sea. In Asia, DDT was introduced to protect the crops and successfully killed many species of fish and birds (most potent when used with oil as the solvent). Few people understand that a tree does many things besides provide wood, it retains soil but also transpires a substantial amount of moisture into the air...and we cut down the forests. We cover vast areas with tarmac and concrete and deaden the soil. On my last visit to Mt. Kilimanjaro, I noticed the reduction of the ice caps and glaciers but I didn't come away with any firm conviction of a drastic change. In Tibet, I visited the glacial rivers but they seemed much unchanged, and the peak of Mt. Everest seems to have the same amount of snow and ice. The only tangible proof I have found is that some of the tropical marine life in the Sea of Cortez have move further north, but that could be explained by a shifting of currents, rather than an actual change in the climate. Many scientists and indeed researchers need to 'publish or perish' to justify their tenure and make statements couched with the word 'MAY'...rather than definitive statements.that justifies grants and bequests.and now the medical community is falling guilty of the same...Japanese researchers found that drinking green tea may prolong life...etc. Take things with a very large grain of salt and don't depend on the media to be either honest or truthful.
It's a myth perpetrated by the liberal machine that controls the media and unfortunately a large portion of American minds. It is based on recent recorded temperature fluctuations, reflecting the last 100 or so years. To base a panic inducing theory on the earths climate in what amounts to a nanosecond of recorded data is irresponsible to say the least! These people should be ashamed of themselves, but they're not!
That it's now become a buzz word.

It's simple, really. The earth and all other celestial planetary bodies have what's called an albedo. An albedo is a measure of how much light the planet reflects. A dark planet, for example, one with no atmosphere and dark colored rocks and sand, has a low albedo, it absorbs a lot more light than it reflects. The moon is very bright because it has a high albedo, it reflects light very well. What all this means is that the Earth's albedo is supposed to be juuuuuust right, and it is, otherwise we wouldn't be alive. What reflects the necessary amount of the sun's light (energy) back into space is the Earth's polar ice. That ice is melting. We have lost ice mass bigger than the state of Texas in the last 3 years. This is measured diligently by scientists and many countries, it is not "theory." The less light the Earth can reflect back into space, the warmer it gets. The wamer it gets, the more ice melts. Like a runaway train, something like that is hard to stop. Maybe something else will happen and it will get cold, but a nuclear winter is not a viable solution. Seeding the sky was one idea on how to make global cloudcover. White clouds, like white ice, reflect light very well. Maybe that would re-freeze some of that arctic water and bring Earth's albedo back to where it should be. The Earth has had Ice Ages, and by contrast, the Jurassic Age was very hot.

I think the term "global warming" should be changed to "global pollution." That we're causing it, it's not the globe "warming" itself.

Finally, I want to point out that when people talk about this, they might be thinking that it's going to get awful hot in 10 years, or 100 years. Geological time is long. But if in 1000 years the Earth is really, really hot, if man is still alive, maybe they'll start the first church of ecofreakdom, or whatever. I'll be long gone.
The planet is just going through the "menopause" cycle.

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