How close do you think we are to human extermination?

Between finding more ways to effectively kill each other, pollution screwing up our atmosphere and environnment as a whole, huge asteroids in Earth's orbit, comets on a path of destruction and of course, Earth itelf, which I'm sure is tired of this pesky species.

dont know
with liberals in charge, closer than ever and ten years ahead of schedule
God will end it when he wants to end it. Until then live your life.
not sure mate that's a hard 1
dude if you're talking about these things, your are still talking to yourself, GET A LIFE.
Human beings are remarkable tough as a group. Unless there is a catastrophic collision with an asteroid, ie 65 million years ago, humans will probably be around in some form for a very long time. All things are just a repeat of history.
Not to mention men killing each other in wars. I am a news junky, but every day it get scarier and scarier. I feel it is coming soon, in our lifetime. I also feel there is going to be a lot more human suffering before its over, there has already been so much. God help us all!
extermination! nah!! there wil always be some survivors unless of course the judgement day is here. if an asteroid falls still some ppl will live even if you are talking about an all-out third world war then still maybe someone in antarctica will survive.. Humans can survive dangers of this world. i don;t think humans can die by themselves or nature but maybe they will exterminate on

The deeper in debt - the closer to death.
We've been closer.

The dissolution of the Soviet Union reduced the likelihood significantly of global nuclear holocaust.

Global warming may do us all in anyway. If a flu pandemic doesn't get us first.

But mankind seems to find a way to survive.

Crack out the space suits and rocket ships... and let's blow this place.
skynet -- if you don't appreciate a question go on to the next one.

I think an asteroid or a comet might do us in or a nuclear war against the Russians. A nuclear attack by any other nation would be feeble. The lack of an ozone layer would kill many millions because of its affect on on human, animal, and plants. Global warming will kill millions but that's a drop in the bucket compared to the billions alive today. War won't do it as there are negligible killing there. A new ice age won't do it as we've survived ice ages before. A pandemic won't do it we've survived many before even without medicine. Pollution won't do it though it may kill millions eventually.
if we dont all blow each other up first with the nukes. i would say the c02 level in the atmoshphere in the next 50 years will keep the sun rays in our atmoshphere and melt the polar ice's and flood most of the earths land, if not all of it. But say there is land left above water, it would be over populated and we would kill off the weak beings and the botle neck theory would be put into effect. in other words the earth will rebalance itself and get back to neutral and only the strong species will survive.

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