What is the use of plowing?

Good question, and I am sure that the people who live in Oswego, NY are asking themselves that right now. (They have only gotten 10 feet of snow over the past 7 days and it is still coming down)
The purpose is to make roads safer for transportation on them, road salt and sand is used also.
Trafic safety: to move snow, so people can drive on a road without snow
Another word you Americans can't spell properly. It's sooo cute.

Ploughing is used to break up soil and supress weed and shrub growth. The ridges created by plouging also help with drainage.
plowing is very destructive it turns over the soil and kill all the micro organisms needed to build soil ,
many farmers are returning to ancient methods and no till farming .planting in mulch instead of raw exposed dead soil
the plow and the tractor are good to originally shape the land so that it becomes receptive for rain fall instead of draining ,and design water harvesting forms

after that one should never plow any more ,
but continuesly add to the building of the soil ,by adding mulch and use mulch to combat weeds ,by turning out the light ,and plant into the mulch

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