How could we solve the global warming issue?

What keys do we have already to help solving this and what additional techniques can you think of?

They are the same as what you have heard before. Using less fossil fuels, using less aerosol spray cans, and stop deforestation.
Global warming is really not a problem in the first place. Below is a link taking you to a NASA chart showing the temperature change from 1880 to 2005. Since 1880 the earth's temperature has risen less than 7/10 of 1 degree C. See for yourself here:

There are numerous charts all over the internet showing the same. The fact that people choose to ignore the facts of these charts shows that they have an agenda to convince the masses of something that really is not happening.

In fact here's a link to a secular scientific article that shows the earth was actually warmer in the past than it is today.

And here's an article from a Harvard University study that says: "Such claims have now been sharply contradicted by the most comprehensive study yet of global temperature over the past 1,000 years. A review of more than 240 scientific studies has shown that today's temperatures are neither the warmest over the past millennium, nor are they producing the most extreme weather - in stark contrast to the claims of the environmentalists.
The review, carried out by a team from Harvard University, examined the findings of studies of so-called "temperature proxies" such as tree rings, ice cores and historical accounts which allow scientists to estimate temperatures prevailing at sites around the world.

The findings prove that the world experienced a Medieval Warm Period between the ninth and 14th centuries with global temperatures significantly higher even than today."

The full article is here:

I hope that helps...
Is global warming real? We sure hear enough about it lately to make us think so, but the proof is pretty scarce. Sure I will agree that maybe the earth is warmer this year than in the last hundred (well that isn't even true! I think 1996 was the warmest year on record... So how come we needed to wait 10 years the break the record again, if this global warming is out of control?). And yes we might talk about 'warmest year on record'... But what was the weather like in your town in Jan 37 BC ?

Next lets ASSUME it is real - Is it bad? Where the proof? They talk about cities sinking under the sea, yet the rate that the waters might rise is fall slower than dikes and levies could be build around modern cities at risk.

Then they send shivers down our spines with the fear of malaria spreading! Malaria is not a problem except in poor unsanitary countries.

Warmer temperatures = more rain, this is a good thing for areas of draught...

There are arguments which can be made on both sides, but I can GUARANTY you one thing, if global warming is happening there is no way we are going to stop it!

So my advice is stop wasting all this money on trying to prevent or delay the inevitable (again if you think it is because of man) and spend instead the money on turning third world countries into modern ones (then they don't have to worry about malaria, and would be able to build dikes).

As for me, I live in the Canada - Global warming is an awesome thing for us... This winter has been GREAT!
Egad, weird to see people using charts that demonstrate global warming to argue against it. Somebody answered babbling about global mean temperatures not increasing significantly enough over the past hundred years and that there were warming periods in the past. Let's throw a chart at them (I just wish it were a pie chart)

There. It's a big fluctation. It's somewhat anamolous. Shouting that it's not happening is weird and unsupported. You can still argue that it's not caused by people if you want, but you're probably wrong and are just eating the pablum of somebody trying to make a buck.

The tiny percentages of a degree are imporant, too. I mean, come on, a Global Mean Temperature of 1.5 degrees down from where we are now qualifies as a small ice age. We've gone up .7 degrees over the last century? You can bet that another .7 degrees over the next century would be a significant difference.

Anyway, it doesn't matter to this question whether or not it's artifical in nature or not. Reversing it is impossible right now. Maybe not physically impossible, but socially. Until the majority of people or upset enough to fight it, or until it suits the interests of the wealthy minjority, there is no social momentum to change. Look at recycling. Until people starting getting sick of garbage in their back yards, there just wasn't momentum for it.

Sadly by the time there is the social momentum for it, I suspect we will be well past the physical reversal threshold.

So, I say plan for it. expect it. The deep, dark predictions? Let's just plan on them. Better put your money in underwater habitat construction companies. Learn how to live a little more primatively and get yourself some sunscreen.

Your question should be How should we cope with Global Warming? rather than How can we solve it.

Then again, maybe I'm just overreacting because I'm in Denver and I'm just not used to this much precipitation in January. Usually Jan's kind of on the cold side, but not snowy! it's really weird this year and I've lived here since '78. Increased global mean temp=increased evaporation = increased precipitation=a bunch of freaking snow in January in Denver, bleah.
some scientists believe that it has happened before and that the earth is getting warmer it is just a small step to another ice age and even if all the ice on earth does melt the world will not be coverd in water just more than what is right now i think i heard about a mile or so higher which if you think about it isnt that much so global warming may be only a small problem to a bigger one

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