List 20 problems that the world has today. (pollution,etc.)?

eating tortured animals
evolution being taught as scientific fact
insidious drugs like crack, meth, etc
Dallas Cowboys having T.O.
ignorance about the bible
congress run by corruption
homosexuality accepted
abortion used as birth control
pornography accepted
lack of positive male role models in US inner cities
sex acceptable out of wedlock
outsourcing of manufacturing from US companies
celebrity more important than character
modern music glorifying sex, drugs and violence
public discourse among leaders has reached new low
children more tuned into the internet than to parents
immasculation of men
women dressing like tramps starting in their early teens
wholesale slaughter in Africa
Middle East unrest
the French
Loss of habitat
Expanding drought
Melting ice
Anti-bacterial resistant sicknesses

Well, there's a fine start for you!
Dumping of crap into our lakes, rivers, and oceans
Destruction of the rainforest
Illegal dumping
Stripping of oil mines
you could add global warming and racism to the list
George Bush
Global warming
youth that dont care
to name a few
1. George W. Bush , 2. Global Warming, 3. Over- Population, 4 All forms of man-made pollution, 5. Hunger, 6. Racism, 7. War, 8. Poverty, 9. Greed, 10. Selfishness, 11. Ignorance... - I'm getting depressed, -YOU fill in the rest... :(
1) Pollution
2) Poor education
3) Egocentrism
4) Radicalism
5) Diabetes
6) Malnourishment
7) Speed of technologic revolution
8) Euthanasia
9) Abortion
10) Traffic
11) Racism
12) Alcoholism
13) Drug abuse
14) Wartrade
15) Child abuse and neglect
16) Violence in family
17) Poverty
18) Poor housing
19) Poor hygiene
20) Indifference
oh i like this question alot.

1...obviously global warming
2. Pollution (ocean, air, garbage etc)
3. The destruction and disturbance of forests and animal habitats
4. Fresh water problem (future)
5. Greed
6. ignorance
7. Racism
8. Corupt governments
9. Cigarettes
10. Lazyness

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