Would you ever buy an electric car?

I sure would. I would love to have an electric car. They are clean, cheap to use (no gas, oil change, spark plugs, etc), and they have virtually no environmental impact to operate one. I think an option would have to include solar panels on top to increase range and help when to charger in available. Run out of gas? Wait for the sun to come up!
If it has the range for me to get to work and come back in a worst case day of traffic jam and errands, absolutely.
Absolutely. Especially if I could park it in a solar carport for charging.
Yes... In fact I'm waiting to see how much the new Volt from Chevy is going to cost...

that means yes.my hamster typed that
Of course - but definitely not the first years model.
I don't have enough money to complete the research and development for a large corporation.
Yes I would. I'm not in the States much anymore, but if I go back on a more regular basis, that would be an option I would definitely consider. Being overseas, I walk or take the tram to get where I need to go.
Yes. In fact, I did. I own an electric car, a very old one, built in 1981. It still works great! All the original 1981 motor and electronic controller parts are still on the car - they have never needed service in all those years. I bought it for only $2000 from eBay, and invested about another $2000 for new batteries, tires, brakes etc. It's a very fun car to drive - it does freeway speeds, though it only has a 50 mile range. I get the most out of the range by charging both at home and at work, so I have juice to run errands on the way home.
If you're interested in inexpensive used or converted electric cars see the links on this page:
Also take a look at this very cute little car that only costs $10,000 new (not freeway capable):
And now, for the ultimate electric car:
The Phoenix can travel up to 250 miles per charge, carries 5 passengers plus cargo at 95mph, charges in only 10 minutes, and has batteries that will last well over 200,000 miles (for the life of the car.) Yes, it's a real car, orders have been taken and they begin building cars this month.

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