Why doesn't our government provide us with clean, refreshing tap water to drink?

I live in Florida and the tap water sucks here. Isn't it our government's responsibility to provide us with palatable water that is safe? The state run WIC program even assigns a risk code to infants who are not provided with formula made from tap water that is boiled first and I would never give it to my infant anyway. Are the big bottled water companies giving kickbacks to keep the crappy water flowing through our taps? The technology obviously exists that could treat our water and make it safe and refreshing to drink and the cost to tax payers would be negligible (especially considering we spend so much on bottled water every month). Just curious why we are basically forced into buying something as necessary and abundant as water...is clean air next on the list of things to be marketed out?

Tap water is regulated by the EPA. Bottled water is regulated by the FDA. Believe it or not, tap water regulations are MUCH more stringent. Tap water is tested for many more contaminants. I'd only buy bottled water for two reasons - if it tasted better than my tap water, or if I needed to take it somewhere (because it's portable). Don't believe that bottled water is safer - it's not.
I know you say your tap water "sucks," but you still have to realize that there is likely no place in the United States where the tap water is not safe to drink. It may be hard, it may not taste that great, but it's still safe!

Having lived and vistited numerous other countries where the tap is truly unsafe (and can be the color of dirt sometimes), I just want to tell you that things are not as bad as you may think. You are right in that a lot of money is unnecessarily spent on bottled water, but that's only because people believe tap water is dangerous.

In this country, it is not.
I know how you feel because where I live the water looks like milk when it comes out of the faucet, but after a while it clears up. It doesn't taste that great but it's safe to drink. However, I buy bottled water to drink and use the faucet water for other things. Our water is safe to drink, but at least we don't have problems in our water as colera or other viruses that prohibit us from even getting it.
Some people in other countries would die to get the "bad" tap water for their families. In China, you have to boil all water no matter if you think it's clean or if you are the healthiest person alive. In Africa, some people drink polluted water and they live with it because that is what they have. Have we become so soft that we need not only safe but good tasting water?? If we have, when there is a change in the planet, humans in the US are most likely to die first. Think of the homeless too. What about them? Do they get clean, refreshing tap water? About the abundant water, most of the water is salty, some is frozen, others polluted, and the little bit that is left sometime taste a bit weird. We can deal with it. It isn’t like it is harmful to drink. Also, the US still hasn't been able to pay some countries back, and they "need" better water?? To treat the water so it taste good, is extremely expensive, and importing better water isn't really cheap either. Therefore the taxes aren’t just going to rise a little but a lot. How would that make people feel?

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