Why does no one like me.im so hard done by i want to die inside?

Because you are an abomination and it is evident that you are already dead inside. If you want us to love you, then try being a little kinder, more humble, more sensitive to others - aw hell, why not just shut the **** up and give us all peace!

A true friend :-)
Lick my fanny and I'll shoot all over your face.
because your a nasty b!tch who posts sh!t on peoples questions.
Like you really care if no one likes you you troll.
judging from your previous questions you are..(dead inside)
Oh well.
Just hurry up - crack on - I like a good funeral - especially when no-one else turns up coz they can't be arsed over the loser that kicked it.
You need to ask????
And you think other people are tw*ts...you need to ask why...

H E L LO!!!
You have brought alot of it upon yourself- I have to say. Have you considered having some psychological help? It is not natural to, on the one hand, spew out vicious hate filled remarks, and then on the other hand to wallow in self pity. I seriously think you are a danger to yourself- but sadly for you, not terribly scary to anyone else. Seek some help. Good luck.

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