Where does all the fresh water come from?

After it dumps into the oceans, how does it get back to the
lakes and rivers ? Where does all the water that is dumped into the oceans go ? Does it evaporate and go into the atmosphere ?

Yes. Just read up on the water cycle at sites like this one:
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The evaporation process cycles it.

Sea -> Vapour -> Cloud -> Rain -> River -> Sea ->.
The water in the oceans and the seas gets evaporated and travels in the form of clouds to distant places and after collecting much of water vapour it gets rid of it by precipitation this water then falls on the earth a part of it going underground and a part of it staying on land as lakes, rivers which eventually join the sea and then this process is repeated.
comes from springs cause the heat kills the bacteria and the water company later filters it
The water cycle, powered by the sun, includes evaporation, condensation in clouds, precipitation and then run off into the streams which eventually get to the ocean.
Fresh water is found in springs, lakes, rivers and wells. Most is processed before people drink it.
Humidity in the air does comes from evaporation. Rainwater and snow can be used for drinking but it cleans the air as it falls, so it has soot in it from combustion, and other things it dissolves from the air.
Evaporation from the oceans takes the salt out of the water, so clouds are freshwater. This then gets dumped over land.

It's basic convection for it all.

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