How do birds know the sun will rise?

Birds begin chirping while it's still dark, so they know the sun will be rising soon. It amazes me each and every time I hear them. How do they know? Do they have little birdie alarm clocks that go off? Is there one bird who wakes early in an insomniac way, begins to chirp and wakes the others? What is it?

Its the natural instinct nature has gifted them with, the same nature does not gift everyone with everything. It give everyone a unique gift they deserve.

Scientifically: I think its the biological clock they follow strictly, we too can get up without an alarm clock.
They get a "wake up" call from their local Bird Hotel!
most things in life have cycles. birds brains are no different. they just subconsciously know when to get up and make noise.
The temperature changes dramatically before the sun comes up.
Actually, it's the bird's chirping which tells the sun it's time to rise. The sun, old as it is, is quite unintelligent, so a long time ago it hired birds to send it wake-up calls. As birds were unable to access telephone equipment, they got together with this chirping thing and, well, the sun has been coming up on time ever since.

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