Making Recycling A Law: Fining People Who Do Not?

What Do You Think About It? Not Just Aluminum Or Steel, But Majorly Concerning Plastics. When The Oil Is Gone, There Will Be No Longer Such Thing As "Plastics" Or "Synthetic Fibers" This is Truley Scary. Should It Become A Finable Law?

Many places don't even have facilities that can recycle many products. If this was to become a law, the government would also have to go into the business of providing the means to recycle everything that they "require" in the law. It's a pretty tall order, considering they can't even keep their own from drinking and driving or writing bad checks!!
when the oil is gone will be a good thing. it takes a thousand years for a plastic bag to decompose. there are many alternatives that can be put to use. we dont need anymore laws, hitler died years ago. other countries have much more freedom than we do, and they are putting alternative energy sources to good use. our country is now in a police state, you can be thrown in jail for not having a picture id on your person. our country was attacked, and we are in a war all because of oil. technology has advanced to the point where oil based products are obsolete, and have been for years. the scary thing is depending on oil and listening to people who promote it. and if not recycling would be a finable offense, where do you think that money would go?
I think it would be good to make more recyling facilities or places to take items to be recycled-- to encourage recycling. I think it would be easier to give people a little bit of $ for bringing in items-- some already do. But a law??-- We can't even get people around here to put their sh&% it the garbage can, let alone recycle it.
It is finable in about ten states. In Maine you pay 5-15 cents for a bottle when you buy it. If you don't return it you don't get your money back- a fine. Unlike some states, the bottle law has created many jobs in Maine. The state gets to keep your nickle if you don't return the can. If you do return it you will get the 5c back from the store and the store will get 7c back from the state- 2c extra for handling. Small redemption centers have popped up which just take in the containers and get the two cents back each. A friend does that and makes 70,000 a year working only when he wants to. The state gets to keep the can and sell bulk aluminum (or glass or plastic) to factories that can recycle it. Everyone makes out except the people who don't recycle the container.
Solution--- Charge more for basic waste management services if you do not participate in recycling with your local trash hauler. I believe that the "reason" it costs more to recycle is because the trash companies haven't figured it out that if they change their way of thinking they can make so much more if they followed my train of thought. As for your Question. If you follow my idea of charging more for trash pick up then you do for recycling customers your "fine" comes naturally. Also the person who stated the Bottle redemption fee in maine as an option is totaly correct. ultimately it will be industry that makes the final decision as to how everything will play out (but judging from the actions of most major companies I would not look for a viable solution anytime in the near future.)
I work in the Environmental field and this is a really tough problem to tackle for alot of reasons. #1, there are always going to be people that will recycle and people that won't recycle...that's just the way it is (kind of like following any other laws out there). #2, recycled products cost more then non-recycled products to consumers have to be prepared to pay the difference and not complain (compare the cost of recycled paper vs. non-recycled paper). #3, there has to be a market for recycled goods...if no one is buying the recycled goods then no company is going to recycle them, thus there is no market to collect it and recycle it.remember, it's all about the money (not the environment, this is still a business). #4, local governments have to buy into this, such as coming up with the money to provide recycling as well as trash pick-up. I know for instance I live in the county, not the city, and don't have recycling as an option because the county can't afford it on their lower tax base.
Don't get me wrong.I agree with your idea but it is a difficult problem that comes down to one thing..MONEY!

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