Are we really cutting down on greenhouse gases or are we shifting them?

To someone else to make them for us?

Many companies claim they've reduced their output of greenhouse gases, but I wonder how much is really just being shifted to another company.

We will never cut greenhouse gases enough because we cannot stop breathing until we die.
Free Tibet.
or another country. If strigent laws are passed in this country, products will be produced in India, China, or Viet Nam. Not only will we lose co2, we will also lose jobs.
We are trying to cut down as much as possible. Maybe some factories are really cutting down their greenhouse gases. I think that we could reduce more greenhouse gases if we plant more trees and stop deforestation.
stop your scare tactics jello!
Sounds sort of like carbon credits.
You're catching on...

this carbon trading business is ripe for corruption. It's kind of like a little kid who wants dessert, so he spreads his dinner all over his plate, trying to fool his parents into thinking he's finished.
It's a con game where China and India create sham projects and then sell us fools carbon credits. Nothing gets done.
The entire philosophy of carbon credits is to shift the production of certain gases from one company to another. This doesn't solve anything. That is the real farce behind the Live Earth concerts.
Good question--and one worthy of some serious investigation. As we move more and more into implementing environmentally friendly technologies aned methodologies, a lot of companies are going to try to take short cuts, or--as you suggest--play a shell game to look good.

Don't get too cynical. There are a lot of decent businesspeople out there who do the best they can--and a lot who are actively funding research because they realize that new technology not only willl help everyone, it means new economic growth.
Im certain that some companies are getting better at filtering their emmisions. But I read somewhere that the majority of greenhouse gasses are coming from automobile tailpipes. And greater percentages of the world population are driving automobiles each year. So, at best, you may be able to say that emmision rates are stabilizing.
I tend to think they are increasing with the world population as they persist in gaining an increasingly energy dependent way of life.

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