Are men more powerful at housework or women?


Men usually don't pay attention to detail. Like if my husband does the dishes, he doesn't even think about wiping off the stove or the counter tops. If he does laundry, he PACKS the washer so full, that it can't even agitate. If he dries clothes, he will just leave them after they are dried so that they are so wrinkled that you can't even wear them. Most of the time, his "help" just makes me have to do the chores over again, anyway. I would rather that he just stick to taking out the garbage and doing the yard work--leave the house to me.
It depends.
Women, it's like natural instinct for them
well it depends on who is the clean freak.
Powerful? When I'm mad no one can do a better, faster, more thorough job than me ...
That depende, lil' momma.
Women are better at the details - well I am. The man seems to be better at running the carpet cleaner or vacuuming.
Both and neither.

It depends on the motivation of the individual. Both are equally capable physically of housework.
Women naturally!!.
I am a guy and I make more mess trying to clean my mess :)
I think that ususally you see the women doing housework but no one is more powerul than the other. both can do the same amount it depends on how much effort they put into doing it. some dust and vacuum once a week others dust, sweep the front porch, dust, febreeze, wash dishes do the laundry constantly. it depends on the person
it depends on what kind of man you are or woman. some men like housework and others dont. the same with women.
I guess it depends on your definition of "powerful." Men can reach higher and probably work faster, but women tend to get in the corners. And let's face it, women last longer.
hi girl well i know for a fact that women are 100% more powerful then men are at house work becasue for starter most women are house wives anyway and us women cook and clean. more than anything in the world well besides taking care of children anyway. men are good for fixing things like the handyman stuff of the machanic stuff likes cars, air conditioning or ect. women are the best when it comes to household duties point blank case closed. we are the BEST. take it easy.*
I am not sure there is not really a correct answer to that. some women are very good at house work and then some cannot do housework with beans. the same goes for men. in my opinion I think that it has a lot to do with how a person is raised and how much they care about a clean house more than what sex they are...
Experience tells me that it doesn't make any difference which you are. There are a lot of women out there who are just as strong or stronger than men these days. The women have a n edge over men because they were taught at a younger age but single men do a lot of cleaning. No I can't stay either is stronger because it just depends on the person and how bad they want things cleaned.
Men. Or I should say this man can out do any woman in the house or out of the house. I can clean, fix, repair, lay tile, roof, build a home, do plumbing, and even the electric work. I'm a fine cook too and my lawn is nice. It would take two women to keep up.
Obviously men are more powerful at women than at housework! Seriously, both males and females can be housework obsessed, either in demanding what be done, when and by whom, or by putting housework above all other potential uses of their time. House work , unlike most life work, can be "finished" at least for the time being. Compulsive people who want to see immediate results from their work are likely to be "powerful" at housework. Both sexes may qualify here!Just think if they were equally powerful at peace, or at medicine, or at turning sunlight into use-able forms of non-polluting energy!
If housework floats your boat; go for it!

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