Where do oceans get their water from?

Rivers that empty into oceans(Amazon, St. Lawrence, Nile , Mississippi) melting ice caps, precipitation
From rivers and streams .
Melting polar ice, rain, snow...
Good question I'm not sure.
rainfall, snowmelt, which ultimately is gathered from moisture in the atomsphere.
gravity allow the water to gather in lower land to formed oceans
on earth
First of all, rivers and streams flow in to oceans. Second of all, rain does, because the first oceans formed from rain. Its a cycle. Water evaporates, turns in to clouds, and then turns in to rain, which goes in to oceans.
Hmmm... how do I put this? When the earth was born, it came with water. That same water has been recycled over and over again by of evaporation and precipitation. So basically, that water that you're drinking is the same water that rain on the dinosaurs. (Kinda' sick if you think about it...)
From everybody opening water taps.
Seriously, the Earth was probably hit by a comet in very ancient times. Comets are mostly made of ice.
You're kidding, right?

Have you ever heard of the water cycle?

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