What is the meaning of Performance measurement in Health and safety industry?

need theory of performance measurement

The purpose is to set a Standard and a Plan of how you will achieve that Standard and then you would conduct an audit to measure your performance to the standard. After the audit you would identify any gaps in performance and initiate any corrections to achieve the Standard...Here's link that gives examples..The first link is an example the second link is a good tool to audit the procedures and identify if procedures are being followed. If the procedures (standards) are not being followed , you would need to take corrective action. Good Luck..
The problem with most companies in the past is that they have not included safety and health goals in performance plans. Most companies are not finally getting on board with including safety and health into performance plans and strategic planning plans for the entire organization. This means that you do an assessment of what needs improvement by looking at accidents, lost time, inspection/audit results, etc,, etc, and coming up with goals for improvement. The important thing with making goals is that they should be very specific, objective (not subjective) obtainable goals that will actually improve safety and health for the organization.
The goal here is to make improvements to save lost time, accidents, lives, and in the long run, money.

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