Why hasn't anyone invented an alternate power source that's cheap for automobiles?

With the rising oil prices and energy prices why hasn't anyone come up with a cheap alternative? Fuel cells are expensive. And using natural gas or ethanol is just another delay to a clean cheap energy source. Are there any inventions out there?

dont listen to the crazy "the man is holding us back" people. it's just that invention only comes with a major breakthrough, then technology platues for a while and more advances arent made until people are motivated enough to find them. the people that need to be motivated are the people who pay the scientist. and until the 70's there was absolutely no need to do anything else. then only in the last 7-8 years have we realized just how destructive fossil fuel burning is on the planet. give it a few more years. we are just now optimising the technology we've been using.
there is also the problem of supply. say i make it so that cars run on say pudding pops. well, i now have to have pudding pop pumps next to gas pumps. with as much money as big oil makes that kind of transformation would still be a crippling economic blow.
simply put there hasnt been a real NEED for alternitive fuel till relitively recently so the advances are still on the horizon. they are already starting though. coal plants are now starting to use recently dead organic materials i cant find a website at the moment to describe it better, but if u mix i think it was barley and wood chips to coal you of corse use less coal per burn and therefore release less carbon that the earth has locked away for centuries. I think the department of energy seems to be the best site to read about stuff like that.
It is your idea go do it.
Oh, there are. But the oil companies don't want you to know that. They have far-reaching influence, over politicians and automobile manufacturers sometimes. There is no way that in all the years we have run our cars on gas, that no scientist has found a better solution.

If it "got out", how would they make money? Cars that don't run on gas are their worst enemies. They want to keep us dependant until the last reserve runs dry.
hybrid cars are popular and use gas and electric motors. there's also a lot of research going into the use of hydrogen gas to power cars because it is let off as steam and can be produced from water with an electric current. so yes. they have.
Alternative energy sources have been discovered. Whenever a new energy source is invented, the oil companies and the government find a way to keep it from being used by the masses.
There are people working on alternative fuels and engines. As you can imagine, this does not get much support from the government who is in bed with the oil companies.

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