How has Arkansas contributed to Alternative Fuel use?

Im doing a 4-H talk on it and if you can give me any information I would appreciate it!

thank you!

Arkansas has several types of programs to promote the use of alternative fuels. The two links below go into some detail, but just to summarize:

The Arkansas Alternative Fuels Commission Act of 2003 established a seven-member alternative fuels commission to develop, coordinate, and promote the utilization of alternative fuels throughout the state, with emphasis on the production, development, promotion, and utilization of alternative fuels in transportation. The Commission is in charge of making grants and loans, and controls the Alternative Fuels Fund.

State Incentives
small business loans to institute pollution prevention measures

A biodiesel tax refund of $0.50 per gallon

An income tax credit for biodiesel suppliers for up to 5% of the costs of the facilities

Alternative Fuels Commission grants of up to $0.10 per gallon for the production of biodiesel

An income tax credit equal to 50% of the amount spent on advanced technologies including EV equipment and fuel cells.

The HEV State Agency Rebate Program
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