(UK) Does anyone remember a worse, wetter summer than this one?

I mean, last week it only rained twice - once for 3 days and once for 4 days!

Seriously though, this has got to have been a pretty bad one!

yeah about 7 years ago when a lot of Cheshire was flooded along with parts of North Wales, York and other cities it was as bad as the flooding we have had since
1977 yes the year after the hottest summer
According to my grandma we have never had it so good.
We have had an unusually cool and rainy summer so far here in Austin, Texas too. WOW, is it NICE. Usually it is blazing hot and sunny now, and today it is comfortably cool. It has rained about 20 out of the last 25 days here. I can go outside in long sleeves without sweating. And the lakes are full again; no water shortage. This is GOOD!
I don't want to rub it in, but I live in Ibiza (have done for 15 years), and it's lovely and warm and sunny, just as it is every summer. LOL

Do what I did, and find an excuse to move away from soggy old Britain.
If I remember correctly, 1977 was a wash out. I was only 8 at the time.
I answered exactly the same question yesterday. Yep! It's a wet 'un. Of course it depends on how far back your memory goes.
Yes plenty of them The British media love to indulge the general public fantasy about the weather.
Why do think the British now mostly go abroad for their holidays? Its because that's the only way they can more or less guarantee good dry weather. The recent flooding is believe it or not due to other reasons not just heavy rainfall.
Amongst them
building on floodplains
Due to DE-industrialisation we locally use less water and the water as to go somewhere
This is exactly how I remember our weather. What has been a bit strange was the last few hot years. Building on flood plains just makes it look worse, and councils saving money not cleaning the drains out. This is normal British weather.

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