Al Gore propose a new form of energy market, the electronet, do you think it os a good idea? to redesign the rules and laws that govern electricity distribution to allow any owner of a home or a small business, or a larger business, to put photovoltaic electric generating cells on their roofs and sell electricity into the grid.

This is already done in many areas. In California, if you install a qualified solar system, the power company has to buy your excess power at a fair price.

The idea is to make this happen everywhere in the country. Germany has done that, and it's encouraged many ordinary people to buy things like windmills for their homes.

It's obviously a good idea. We need to move away from fossil fuels for a great many reasons. But some wacko conservatives will denigrate and oppose it simply because Gore is talking about it.

EDIT - GABY. It's not available almost everywhere here. And we're not doing it as well as Germany is. Read the article, look at the numbers. It's 7 years old, things are working even better now.
I don't think Al Gore will ever have a good idea. In fact, I think this whole thing about protecting the earth is a bunch of crap when his son is in rehab for a drug problem. Maybe if he paid more attention to his children instead of coming up with these stupid ideas, his son wouldn't have this problem.
Gore should stick to subjects that he knows something about. Energy buyers and sellers have been happily making markets for energy for over a century without any help from Gore.
If it comes from Al Gore of course it is a good idea. After all he is the man that invented the internet, found wealth where once were impoverished Buddhist Nuns and now has discovered that the sun warms the earth. What is not be believe from this man? Why if he said Ice cream cured cancer I would rush out to buy a lifetime supply of Chunkey Monkey.
It is not a new idea. It is a very old idea. This can already be done almost anywhere now, but very few use it because it is expensive relative to regular power. I guess he "invented" this also.

There are thousands of engineers and other professionals involved in this area that have spent many years researching, testing, and implementing these programs. We don't need some damn wealthy energy wasting politician to tell us what is needed.

If you want facts, talk to engineers and professionals. Politicians always have an agenda.
What he is proposing isn't really fair to the utilities unless the expense of the grid, which is the burdon of the utilities, is factored in.

Once this IS factored in the money for electricity generated would be insignificant compared to the cost of the solar panels. Solar panels should be allowed to stand on their own by offsetting the usage from the utilities. In this case they are saving at the full electricity rate.

Telling the utility how much they have to pay for home-generated energy is interfering in the market place which never really leads anywhere good.
Excellent idea, we all could get rich by just watching the sun shine and doing nothing, if we could get the solar panels for free.

Someone whose monthly energy bill is in the range of $2400.00 a month must have the solutions to all problems. I guess y'all know who that would be.
Yes, this sounds like a very good idea. The rest of the country should follow California's example on environmental issues far more often.
Personally i think its a great idea . I'm totally off the grid as it is not that i wanted to be couldn't afford the bills so i started building my own solar panels from junk and doing just fine without DTE . Sure would like to get back some of that money i paid them .

You can all take on a second job to pay your bills and become a slave to the electric company so they can sit in there big 10 bedroom ,3 bath, 4 car garage, swimming pool , tennis court , jacuzzi mansion if you like . I'm behind Gore 100% .
it's not bad, we'll see what he can make of it tho
This is pretty similar to "Net Metering" as many states have this now.

Im down, Ill have some panels on my house real soon now, I would love to get paid too.

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