What is the difference between biosphere and atmosphere?

bi·o·sphere–noun 1. the part of the earth's crust, waters, and atmosphere that supports life.
2. the ecosystem comprising the entire earth and the living organisms that inhabit

at·mos·phere –noun 1. the gaseous envelope surrounding the earth; the air.
2. this medium at a given place.
3. Astronomy. the gaseous envelope surrounding a heavenly body.
4. Chemistry. any gaseous envelope or medium.
Biosphere refers to the entire biological system - the air, water, land, plants, and animal life in a specific area. Atmosphere is just the air.
biosphere is the earth with all the other spheres( hydrosphere, atmosphere, etc.) and the atmosphere is the air between the crust and 50 miles high.
Biosphere is where things live. This can include the atmosphere and also the upper lithosphere. The atmosphere is the gaseous layer above the lithosphere.

Iindianapolisbengals is wrong, the biosphere does not inclued the whole earth. Just the parts where life exists.
Biosphere is life on earth (plants and animals) Atmosphere is the resulting gasses ( Carbon dioxides and oxygen) which exists just above the earth.
Biosphere is an enclosed environment with it's own capacity to generate and sustain living conditions through the synthesis process creating atmosphere.
Atmosphere is the blanket of air encasing the planet earth created by the combination of separate elements and the sun's rays into a complex whole humans and all living mammals/fowl breathe and fly in.
atmosphere is the water vapour cover surrounding the planet

biosphere is a controlled space , seperate from the outside surroundings for the creation of flora and fauna,with its own climate

i have just made something similar on a very small scale ,10meters by 5 and 2 meters high ,with a collection of tropical plants ,3 ornamental water tanks,a waterfall .

with turtles ,fish ,iguanas and 5 baby crocodiles ,the birds are still coming
BIosphere ATMosphere. What do ya think?

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