How can we protect our earth from GLOBAL WARMING?

Stop burning garbage.
Don't use transportation a lot. It ruins the air.

Stop cutting down the trees- We need them.
Plant lots of trees, preferably at the northern edge of natural occurance of a species of tree (for example, palmetto trees in eastern South Carolina
thick, thick, sunscreen?
Well i watched this on tv the other night and from what im told there is no saving it. even if we did stop burning things and quit spilling stuff into the waters and etc. from what was said on tv it is to far gone there is so much polution in the air and stuff it will take to many yrs to get rid of it all we are in danger im telling everyone. but as far as pertecting us from global warming its way to late they say sorry man , just live life to the fullest cause only god knows whats gonna happen minute bye minute.
for your information: Global Warming is a natural affect from 3 million years ago, the goverments are lying to you!
they want your money, also scientist, it is a natural process just stop burning things ( barbeque) and others and plant thousand of trees, 5 tons of CO2 are produces per year, 1% is from the cars, the rest are mostly animal's respiratory, forest fire and VOLCANIC Activity, so it's really not our problem
we can protect by banning refrigeators ,spray cans , using eco friendly things .less use ok fuel vechicles and using public transport.
with all of the stored carbon (from coal, oil, and natural gas) that we've put into the atmosphere, it's going to get warmer.
anywhere from 3-10 degrees.
at this point, measures that we take can only help keep the change toward the lower end.

- stop burning coal. when you do, the ONLY byproduct is CO2.
- stop burning oil. you get both H2O and CO2.
- stop burning natural gas. you also get H2O and CO2, but more H2O than from oil.


it would appear that we'll need many more nuclear plants, unfortunately.
while i don't like dealing with their waste, it'll only kill me when i get near it, not all over the earth.

contrary to what some uneducated folk would have you believe, volcanoes contribute little CO2 to the atmosphere.

many claim that natural organic decay, and fires contribute massive amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere.
and they do contribute large amounts.
but those processes have been going on for millions of years, and nature balances them out, by using that CO2.
what has changed is humans releasing large amounts of CO2, via processes that do not recycle it out of the atmosphere.
that's why there is 50% more CO2 in the atmosphere than there was less than 100 years ago.

and the only remedy is to stop releasing it.

there are some who propose compressing, and pumping it deep underground.
i'm very skeptical of this.
many years ago, Denver tried to dispose of it's waste water, by pumping it a couple miles underground.
in short order, they started having small earthquakes.
and then somewhat larger ones.
they stopped the process, and the earthquakes also stopped.

that was only 1 city.
the current proposal is to do this all over the earth.
this is a really dangerous idea.
the best that we can hope for is that someone is already doing it on a large scale, and we'll see the results before the process becomes wide spread.

so, the answer is -- stop burning carbon. it's that simple.
stop breaking wind
I wonder what rock Michael A climbed out from under - so glad he knows so much more than THOUSANDS of independent climatologists - maybe he should change his name to - uh - uh - God?

Probably the best thing we can do is eliminate politicians and OTHER idiots so that we (humans) can do something about it.

I think the only real long-term solution is to convert to a hydrogen economy and eliminate fossil fuels. I don't think the industrial-military machinery would permit such a radical change - it would shift the balance of wealth too much too quickly. To implement ANY type of plan, however, would require our collective IQ to improve and an entire shift in human thinking and maturity.

Most politicians are reluctant to make such decisions - especially some particularly stupid presidents!!

As long as the status quo is so lucrative, change will not happen!!

Therefore, it is most likely that Global Warming will survive the human species (and most other earthly species).
FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Animal agriculture takes a devastating toll on the earth. It is an inefficient way of producing food, since feed for farm animals requires land, water, fertilizer, and other resources that could otherwise have been used directly for producing human food.

Animal agriculture's dependence on higher yields accelerates topsoil erosion on our farmlands, rendering land less productive for crop cultivation, and forcing the conversion of wilderness to grazing and farm lands.(8) Animal waste from massive feedlots and factory farms is a leading cause of pollution in our groundwater and rivers.(9) The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has linked animal agriculture to a number of other environmental problems, including: contamination of aquatic ecosystems, soil, and drinking water by manure, pesticides, and fertilizers; acid rain from ammonia emissions; greenhouse gas production; and depletion of aquifers for irrigation.(10)
Global Warming is what happens to select parts of the Earth's surface when exposed to sunlight. It's a normal part of the day / night cycle. BTW long-term studies (since 1760 A.D.) document that fluctuations in the intensity of solar radiation are closely correlated with warming and cooling trends in the Earth's temperature. It's a more exact correlation than CO2 levels. The sun's strong role indicates that greenhouse gases can't have much of an influence on the climate. Greenhouse gasses including CO2 don't dominate through some kind of leveraging effect enough to make them potent drivers of climate change.Consequently, with the Earth not being unduly sensitive to greenhouse gases, there's neither increases nor cutbacks in future C02 emissions, that will matter much in terms of the climate.
Kirsty Says: "Lower carbon emision" and I says " Stop using Air condition, coz its only produce CFC.
Simple, keep Al Gore from flying around the world showing his movie.

Anyway, so what if Global Warming is true? It would take like 50 years to do anything. We can't move inland, or build a Levey, in 50 years? It's not the end of the world. So some places can't grow food, but now others can. Some places get warmer, some get colder. So?

Las Vegas was built in the desert. Michigan is always frozen. People can adapt to anything.

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