Anyone else appalled?!?!?

I'm from Pittsburgh and have been to North Park. I'm disgusted by what was done. I don't equate the solution to the supposed problem. Wouldn't it have been more wise to warn folks not to stick their fingers in geese droppings and then place them in their mouths?!?!

I 100% agree with you. If they can through all that trouble to round all the geese up, could they not just relocate them where they would not enfringe on the publics? Since it did not occur to them since they pick up trash could they not as well pick up the geese droppings to?
that does seem a BIT to much for only geese, if you really want to move them wait till winter and there, the geese are gone. lol
And they call me a hillbilly! Don't want to play with those tootsie rolls, darling!
MMMM geese droppings. Dang I'm hungry now!
I am appalled. They should have tried to regain a balance in the local ecosystem by reintroducing a native predator, like wolves. I have spent some time in Pittsburgh, and I believe the wolves would do quite well there in the middle of town. Either that, or they should have just let my friends and I shoot them, and eat them (or use them to feed the local homeless people in the park).

Geese are delicious. They taste like chicken.
Geese droppings aren't exactly my cup of tea, but I'm a vegetarian.
Geese are food. Eat them. All animals are food for another, even us. It is just nature.

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