Microwaving styrofoam...side effects?

some idiot next door just microwaved styrofoam for his ramen noodles... i heard from my mom that some chemicals or microwaves would come out if u microwave styrofoam... is that true?

as far as I know, yes its true, the microwave melts the styrofoam which releases chemicals into your food. NOT a good idea. Plastic isn't much better.
also, try to stop freezing plastic because there is also a toxin chemical in that when you freeze it, it releases toxin to your food, water. i think short periods of time is ok though..
uh yeah, thats bad, the fumes and the liquid nastiness from the melted styrene foam not good for the skin.
yeah microwaving, steaming, or giving styrofoam a hot water make some of its toxin melts... really dangerous for ur health
Microwave is not good for health and it is scientifically proven

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