How can the United States have a zero population growth?

Make specific recommendations, that are ok with you, for changes to the USA that will bring it closer to Zero Population Growth. Thanks!!

it can by when people die and people are born it equals out
just dont let anyone else into the country and only have one kid thatll pretty much zero it out.
no no no no

the problem isnt with the population of the US, its india and china who together have one third (1/3) of the worlds populations and they are growing faster than any other in theworld, let get them to reduce there populatiion
I don't think we should put a really low cap on it, because China's horrible policy is just leading to rampant abortion and abandonment of children and an imbalance of the ratio of boys to girls since a lot of parents are selecting for boys which is going to give them a lot of problems in the future.

But no more of this crap where people have 10 kids and support them with welfare. I think people should only be able to take a tax deduction for two of their children.

But only bad things happen when you put a specific limit on the number of children a family can have because there will always be people who are not smart enough to properly use birth control, and I would hate for people to abort or abandon their babies because of a law created by the state.

I'm not really worried about this issue though, statistics show that our growth rate is slowing anyway because people are waiting longer to get married and have children and there are more families not having kids because they want to focus on careers instead. If things keep going that direction our growth will slow on its own without getting into the mess China is in.
Why the hell so we want Zero Population Growth. The entire Midwest is still practically vacant, and we have an Obesity Epidemic. We grow so much food, farmers are paid NOT to farm.

We need MORE people. More hard-working, educated people. The only thing we need less of is uneducated people, and people who are afraid of more people ;-)
Do radiations to inborns so the future generations are infertile.
Soon, US will be saving a lot of condoms

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