What kinds of problems can global warming cause for animals species and plant life around the world?

a major change in the invierment can case extinction
As the earth warms up, plant growth patterns will alter, for example if species like warmer climates, their growth patterns may increase. Some plants will flourish as they like the warmer climate but others will suffer as they don't like a warmer climate. This will shift the composition of plant species and as a result will dictate animal populations. If an animal species uses a plant species which is flourishing, so will the animal species and those whose food sources are dying off, will also die off unless they can adapt quick enough to the changes. It could completely change the global fauna and flora patterns that we ar accustomed to. There are already signs, such as animal species having to migrate further up mountains to find the cold climates that they like.
environmental problems-high temperature which might kill animals of the cold, forest fires

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