Am I the only one who doesn't care about global warming?

Ok the earth maybe destroyed in 200-300 years, but am I gonna be around? No! Selfish for sure but still...that is human nature. Plus the fact that you can't prove Global Warming exists...despite what Al Gore says! I know it has apparentely caused great disasters like hurricane Katrina, but where is the evidence? For me it just means the winter isn't quite as harsh as it once was. I am pleased it has finally become fashionable to be environmentally friendly and big chains like M&S have been all over it. That means one thing! Today's fashion is tomorrow's old news. It has now finally become a fad which will die out just as flares and pedal pushers did! Bring on tomorrow and another media created obsession (maybe this time it can be fun!)

No I really dont care about it either we are more likely to get destroyed by space aliens than by gloabl warming
GLOBAL WARMING! ITS SNOWING! How can the world be warming up when it is snowing in April?!?!?!?!?
Hehe. Global Warming.

I look at it like... Like widespread, horrible Ebola. Not happened, though they said it would. Or everyone being killed by SARS! Hasn't happened. West Nile? Nah. Bird Flu? Woah, that's obviously not as impressive as they thought.

Obviously, I don't take much stock in the 'worldsendingomg' thing. Even if the Earth is going through a warming period, which I darn well hope it is, so what? I LIKE it when it's warm.
You have the right idea, thanks for having the guts to say it. Now your have to take all the S#@T for saying it!
fair enough

I hope your right

But if you have kids, and 1 day they look up at you with their sad eyes and ask you why they cant play outside remember what you thought back in 2007 when you had a chance to do somthing and what you did

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