Where do enviornmentalists stand on disease?

Comparing the earth to ourselves, we take medicines to heal ourselves. Our own immune system attacks and tries to kill viruses that are ailing us. When people get the flu, aids, and other viruses and diseases, could that not be the earth fighting it's own virus (us) with it's immune system? How can one be an enviornmentalist and push for aids relief, cancer cures etc? Shouldn't we let our grossly overpopulated planet defend itself from us? Can we have it both ways? Just wondering..


which diseases?
in Nature disease is a natural phenomina that act on behalf of Natures 2nd law .the law of Harmony or Equilibrium .if a specie ,of flora or fauna exceeds the accepted quantity ,disease ,or preditors step in to restore the balance

with humanity many people now believe .many diseases,and often the cures are man made to attack population growth

Kissinger stated at a closed Bilderberg group meeting in Kopenhagen in 1998 that their Agenda demanded a decrease of the world population by 60% ,the mind boggles as to how this could be archieved

wars (such as a global nuclear conflict),disease,killer cures,and a change of the PH in the water supplies (which results in infertile or effeminate male babies)are several possible ways .
as well as slow acting fatal consumer products that cause cancer ,addiction and eventually death.

think about this ,for the giant pharmaceutical companies there is no profit in healthy people .

anotherr point to considder is the all of Nature abides by the laws of Nature
if a specie exceeds the accepted quantity ,it is considdered a plague ,and nature responds ,with counter plagues ,like disease,or preditors to restore the balnce ,sometimes deleting the offending specie all together .

(the greatest danger of any specie of going exstinct is when there are too little and ,when there are too many because of Natures reaction to excess)

we Humans tend to forget that we are part of the Nature and all life on this planet ,(christianity preaches to the contrary giving their followers the false sense of security that they are above Natures Laws and must only listen to the ravings of an Exstraterestrial)

and if observed from space we must appear as a plague that is about to consume the planet

it stands to reason the Natures law will take effect and will seriously attack Humanities excesses.

so far Nature has always proved stronger than the life that was permitted to ocupy it

and for some ,this planet is not just some rock covered in growth floating in space ,it is alive and has a personality and intelligence that can make deciscions.

if we believe that dimensional models of life follow upwards as well as below ,as we are gods and planets to the microbiological life that ocupies us

we are the microbes that ocupy a larger form of life .she is know as Gaia
Well, it's really a matter of time. No matter what, humans will reach the projected 9 billion or whatever the number exactly is. Whether a few tsunamis take some people out or not, people will eventually reach that point. The good thing is that humans will reach an equilibrium, because their numbers cannot be sustained further by the earth.
It's an interesting question, but I wouldn't say that the earth is trying to defend itself from us... it's not an organism, and therefore isn't actively trying to protect itself. Instead, it's just that the diseases are trying to survive as we are, and do so by inhabiting our bodies. Since the diseases are harmful to more than just humans, I'd argue that the prevention of such diseases is an issue that environmentalists should consider.

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