Fossil fuels vs cigarettes.which cause more damage?

people make laws against smoking...but which is the real culprit of lung problems.why pick on smokes ,is it because the real bully is to big for you to get revenge from? i know the oil comp are rich...we need oil...we dont need cigarettes.but smokes could hardley do the damage oil has...why dont people take a stand against oil first...theres no way my pack a week could keep up with the exaust damage from you going to work!

It has always amazed me how a person can live in a large polluted city breathing filth 24/7 putting there own health and their children's health in jeopardy but do nothing, while getting completely irate if someone is smoking in the house next door.
It's you and your fellow smokers who like to think that the world is your ashtray! Quityourbitchin.
Have you ever considered why we have all of the laws regarding smoking?

The first is that smoking causes lung cancer, and consequently a large amount of economic damage and human misery.

The second is that taxing cigarettes and tobacco in general is a huge source of money for politicians to spend to buy good will for themselves and buy votes to get them reelected.
It's because you can choose to smoke or not to smoke - that is why the influence of advertising by tobacco companies is accused of trying to sway our ability to rationalise the pros and cons of smoking. In other words, tobacco companies are accused of not really allowing us to make a truly informed decision - despite tons of information like pictures of cancerous tissue on cigarette boxes, there are many popular movie stars smoking in movies etc.

On the other hand nobody can live free from the influence of oil and gas - even the nomadic peoples of the Russian steppes need kerosene to fuel their lamps. Hence, politicians see education aimed at reducing the global consumption of oil and gas as equivalent to biting the hand that feeds us. The hand is represented by the oil exploration companies, and obviously their counterparts who make oil accessible to us.

We should still try our very best to cut down consumption of fossil fuels as well, but that doesn't mean we should encourage smoking. Bear in mind as well that since cigarette smoking and cigarette sales are legal hence we shouldn't brand advertising of cigarettes as the devil.
Fossil fuel burning leads to global warming which impacts every person on earth. Smoking only impacts the people who come in contact with the smoke (first or secondhand), but if many people smoked in public, that would impact a lot of people.

The bottom line is that we should have regulations on both cigarettes and fossil fuels. Eventually we will, but our dependency on fossil fuels is very strong, so it's simply taking longer.
1.well you know, you can quit smoking and set an example
2. YOU can start protesting against it, many people might help, they just need someone to break the ice. Get out there and start protesting. I"ll join you, many others will too.
3 I also suggest starting a petition. I"ll even sign it
Your body is Corbin based , so it is not oil that is dangerous to U. I have worked in the oil for a large part of my life . I am 76 and in good shape for an old man. I have waded into the oil up to my chin . Corbin does not hurt your body of Corbin.

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