Are ordinary people doing anything about global warming?

A lot of people are doing any number of different things. The most popular actions being to reduce consumption and to reuse and recycle where possible. These activities lead to a reduction in the demand for raw materials and power generation.

Some of the easiest steps to take involve reducing the number of miles driven and to reduce power consumption in the home, these simple measures can and do make a difference.

Here's a webpage with lots of ideas about how ordinary people can take action -
lots. even though it may not look like it people are doing things every day to help. there are also lots of street conventions that support the ecosystem and thousands of people come to them. it's amazing what one person can do to make a difference just think about how much of a difference it would make if everyone could could change the world.
Depends on the definition of "ordinary". As in a single mother of 3 living in an apartment? If you want her to cut down on using a car to get her kids to daycare, or using water in the laundry, or turning the thermostat down some token number of degrees..don't ask ME to go tell her to "do her part".
I'm not doing anything. My carbon footprint is huge. I enjoy my toys, the boat, the Harley. I don't believe in global warming and I'm going to continue to enjoy life
yeah, people who drive a hybrid car produce less CO2
So, do you mean in a positive or a negative way?

Ordinary is a state of mind. Politicians, scientists, businessmen...they are all ordinary people. They may seem to have more power, but the power they have is given to them by all of the ordinary people such as you.

If you are a global warming believer, then you can be assured that you in some way have contributed to global warming - and the best thing you can do is to decrease your contribution. I don't believe in man-made global warming, but I don' t doubt for a minute that we can do great damage to the environment. Coincidentally, many of the same things you do for the environment are the same things that can help reduce global warming.

You should never let yourself fall into the trap that you are too insignificant to have caused a problem, or more importantly, to work towards a solution.
Yes. I am enjoying it a lot. I hate cold. And my garden is doing so much better too. Warm is good. Hot is better.
I just read about this website on the Wall Street Journal: Carbon Diet Plan. It is an application that can put us on a 'carbon diet'. As an individual and friends, we can make an impact on global warming 1 lb at a time.
I developed TAGP(tm) and live the TAGP life style every day.
they can do this;...

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