What is the movement of carbon though earth`s ecosystem?

what is the movement of carbon though earth`s ecosystem

the carbon cycle
Absorbed by plants and released by animals.
from the air (carbon dioxide) to plants, ground, animals, back to the air.

in a very very rough outline, Its more complicated than that of course.

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It is first released by volcanic activity from the ground. Animals and bacteria are another important source. Then there is the burning of fossil fuels which so many people say is surely to blame for global warming, but that is questionable.

Plants and algae utilize atmospheric carbon dioxide to manufacture the cellulose and other carbohydrates that they're mostly composed of.

Plants and plant materials are consumed by herbivores esp insects, and broken down by bacteria on the ground. The carbon is put back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide or methane. It may also be fossilized in limestone or something else.

A certain amount of oxygen escapes the atmosphere every day. CO2 is too heavy for that though.
Most of the carbon has been locked in rocks for at least a billion years. But the carbon still around now is cycled through plants to animals and into the atmosphere and ocean back to plants. It is a very important cycle in the biosphere. And a lot of the carbon that was around a billion years ago has since been processed into oil, gas and coal which is stored in the crust of the Earth.
It is a complete recycle system . Plants take in CO2 and the plant holds on to the C and give us back the O2. Now go back to the C ,the plants use it to produce food and make the plants grow big. Then winter and the leaves die and wash down the river to the delta where it deteriorates into gas,oil,and coal.

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