A question on Tigers, do they have striped skin as well as fur ?

Ok, the truth is that TIGERS have striped skin. I have worked with Tigers at Zoo's for many years and it was not until I got to participate with a surgery that I saw that their skin is striped also. When you shave all of the hair off, the skin still has the stripes, How cool.
If housecats can be used as a proxy, then the answer is no.
to answer your question no, their skin though is slightly stained though to were you would see slight color variations inline to what their fur would show.
no tigers only as striped skin...
No hair contains keratin a hormone.It is becuz of it u have different color fur and also becuz of their genes u find it tht they have tht color fur 4 dey r mammals they inherit their parentz genes, so tehy have stripes some tigers have a lighter shade of fur than others .Its just like human being s all of them have white skin but different color hair some blond,brunnete,black etc......
All felines have skin patterns matching their fur pattern
yes it's in their DNA
yes this has been asked a hundred times before
when you shave a tigers fur ,the stripes continue on the skin.
a good way to find out for yourself would be to go to a zoo armed with a razor, shave off a bit of fur and see what is underneath.
probably my dogs skin markings are the same as her coat

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