Does anyone know what percentage of Co2 do humans contribute to global warming?

It is about 0.28%, if water vapor is taken into account-- about 5.53%, if not

have a look at this website
Humans are not the problem power plants are.


Try reading some here

Very little.
its not really measurable, but come on its people who kill not guns, we the people are in charge of government, we the people run the power plants that pollute maybe not us personally but its people in charge...we need to stand up and get involved, lobby petition and protest, their are now some third world countries who are making constituted efforts to clean up and protect their forests.
co2 ain't the problem its removing the insulation belt under the crust. what happens to your car if you take out the oil and drive on with no oil? its the removal of large forests, its the polluting of our water ways and the dying of our oceans it was believed in 1990 that the pacific was something like 80% dead, "Jacques Cousteau"
there have been periods in earths life where the co2 levels have been higher, but without the huge forests To process it there could be a problem latter on. its more than one issue creating this, their are natural processes happening that are compounded through humanity's error. we need to take the power back
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It's not humans themselves, it's things created by humans.
And the contribution level to global warming is... all of it.
Decay stands for 220 Gt of emissions of CO2.
Plant respiration stands for 220 Gt.
Oceans release 330 Gt.
Anthropogenic emissions are at 26.4 Gt.
Roughly 5%. And that 5% is what's (mostly) causing global warming. It may sound strange, but that's what the scientific data says. Here's exactly why.

There are a great many natural sources and sinks for carbon dioxide.

There is a natural "carbon cycle" that recycles CO2. But it's a delicate balance and we're messing it up.

Look at this graph.

The little squiggles are nature doing its' thing. CO2 falls a bit during summer when plants are active, and rises during the winter. The huge increase is us, burning fossil fuels. The scientists can actually show that the increased CO2 in the air comes from burning fossil fuels by using "isotopic ratios" to identify that CO2. The natural carbon cycle buried carbon in fossil fuels over a very long time, little bit by little bit. We dig them up and burn them, real fast. That's a problem.

Man is upsetting the balance of nature. We need to fix that.

More details here:
30 gigatonnes per year, enough to upset the delicate balance.
Prior to the industrial revolution, CO2 in the air was stable at about 280 parts per million by volume (ppmv).

Today, the level of CO2 in the air is 383 ppmv and rising exponentially with no end in sight.

That means that CO2 in the air has risen 37% since the industrial revolution, and ALL of that increase is caused by humans. We know this because we can look at the isotopes of carbon and oxygen in the CO2, and find it contains increasing amounts of "old" carbon combined with "young" oxygen, a smoking gun for fossil fuel burning.
None. Global warming is a natural cycle of the planet.
Something like 14%, most CO2 comes from volcanoes or animals or natural things.
it depends very much if you think of direct contribution by each person or the human race as a whole and also indirect effects that people seem to forget about, like animal production for food

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